Pharmaceuticals company in Chandigarh

Pharmaceuticals company in Chandigarh

Pharmaceuticals company in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the City Beautiful. Known for its orderly layout and modern architecture, Chandigarh is also emerging as a major pharmaceutical hub in northern India. One company at the forefront of the pharmaceuticals company in Chandigarh is Lambert Pharmaceuticals.

Lambert Pharmaceuticals has steadily built a reputation for quality, innovation and social responsibility. From humble beginnings as a maker of basic formulations, the company has now grown into one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Chandigarh.

As a homegrown pharmaceuticals leader in Chandigarh, Lambert has also focused on building extensive capacities for advanced drug manufacturing and delivery technologies. Their new injectables unit has capabilities for  cartridges, ampoules and vial filling, enabling production of sterile injectables meeting high regulatory standards. Additionally, Lambert is investing in innovative drug delivery systems like extended-release tablets and transdermal patches for improved patient compliance and convenience.

The expertise to manufacture such sophisticated products reflects the overall progress Chandigarh’s pharma ecosystem has made in moving up the pharmaceutical value chain. Both multinationals like Ranbaxy and fast-growing domestic companies are expanding the city’s expertise in complex generics, patented products and cutting-edge drug-device combinations. Chandigarh’s scientific talent base and supportive regulatory environment provided by Central and State agencies have been instrumental in facilitating this advancement. As more advanced infrastructure and specialized skills develop locally, Lambert Pharma aims to harness these strengths for significantly enhancing both productivity and new product development. This shall cement Chandigarh’s status as one of India’s most comprehensive and self-reliant pharma hubs catering to wide-ranging patient needs.

Chandigarh’s connectivity to Himachal Pradesh and proximity to excise-free zones also makes it an attractive destination for pharma infrastructure. Both central and state governments have provided incentives, land banks and incubation schemes across Chandigarh Technology Park and Mohali to nurture this sector. Plus, Chandigarh allows easy access to North India’s vast patient pool and talent hubs like Panjab University.

By leveraging these advantages, Lambert Pharma has built a competitive edge in key therapeutic segments like gastroenterology, pain management, neurology and gynecology. Their facilities have capacity for a lot of tablets & capsules annually. Across the production and R&D spectrum, Lambert maintains stringent controls to stay compliant with regulations across India.

At the same time, Lambert Pharma remains deeply committed to ethical values and quality that goes beyond statutory compliance. As the pharmaceutical sector has sometimes fallen short of the public’s trust, Lambert aims to set itself apart through transparency, integrity and patient well-being. Safety is paramount, so their products undergo multiple quality checks before release. 

They have conducted a lot of free diagnostic and medical camps while supporting initiatives on malnutrition, blood donation, immunization drives and more. Providing cost-effective medicines and empowering community health remains integral to Lambert’s identity from Boardroom to R&D lab. 

As a pharmaceuticals company in Chandigarh Lambert Pharma is poised to grow from strength to strength. Their investment in local and export manufacturing capacity, new drug delivery systems and green technology showcase both ambition and agility. Backed by the foundations of Chandigarh city and driven by values of quality plus care, Lambert Pharma aims to scale new heights in responsible pharma production.

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